Sliding Rock, Alpine, Utah

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Tucked among the subdivisions of Alpine, Utah is a secret swim spot that’s a favorite with the locals. The hike there is an easy stroll along a mostly paved but traffic free road, to a beautiful end result – a natural water slide.

To get to Sliding Rock the whole family headed North on Alpine’s Main Street and turned left on Fort Canyon Road. We followed the curves in the road for about a mile and a half until we reached a metal gate on the north side of the road. The sound of flowing water from nearby creek, plus the other cars parked along the road signaled that we had arrived.

As we passed through the gate to start our hike, I immediately wished I had brought a bike. The trail began as gravel but quickly changed to asphalt and the lack of shade would’ve been less noticeable with a biking breeze in my face. Big E and little g survived the uphill trek well, but we were excruciatingly slow thanks to little g’s tiny stride and resistance to being carried.

One mile up the well defined trail we reached our destination – Sliding Rock! Water spills over rocky slopes creating a fun water ride into a cold pool below.

Playing in the water was so fun, but I also made sure to keep a close eye on the tots as there were some ledges to the south of the water slide area.

Mountain Dad was like a kid himself, scrambling up the sides to slide down the slick rock surface. And just so we’re clear, it doesn’t hurt your backside to enjoy this trip.

The return hike was a pleasant downhill stroll past trees and wildflowers. The perfect end to the perfect summer afternoon.

Sliding Rock
Distance: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy hike, Moderate scrambling required at the sliding rock
Tips: Stay on the pavement until you reach the water. At the fork in the road take the right. 

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