Balmy Street Murals, San Francisco, California

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One of the most interesting places we visited in San Francisco was Balmy Alley in the Mission District. All along both sides of the street are colorful depictions of life of every sort.
According to the website, “The murals began in the mid-80’s as an expression of artists’ outrage over human rights and political abuses in Central America. Today the alley contains murals on a myriad of styles and subjects from human rights to local gentrification and Hurricane Katrina.”
The art is beautifully done and worth a liesurely stroll or guided tour. Unfortunately for us it was POURING when we got there so we had to settle for several drive bys while looking out wet windows. 
My favorite mural was this 3D one depicting a woman in childbirth. I love the colors and the message, but mostly I love it because it makes me giggle a little. Enjoy!


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