Chinatown San Francisco

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There’s a special place in San Francisco where the architecture shifts from modern business like buildings to elaborate chinese decor, with flanged roofs, paper lanterns and large blinking signs written in a foreign language. Welcome to Chinatown.
On my sister’s weekend earlier this month, Chinatown was one of the many destinations we explored in order to have a true taste of San Francisco. As the largest Chinatown outside of Asia it was easy to be caught up with the exotic feeling permeating the neighborhood. The smells and sounds of another world welcomed us into its streets.


We decided to eat at Hunan’s Home, based on the recommendation of yelp diners (thanks internet friends) and couldn’t have been more pleased. Everything from the potstickers to the spicy chicken dish was tasty, and we were more than happy to fill our plates and bellies with the tasty stuff.


Shops filled with souvenirs, t shirts and Asian inspired clothing were interspersed with Chinese restaurants and even a walk-in foot massage parlor.
In Chinatown I couldn’t help but imagine little g in the tiny outfits or Big E playing with the toys. I felt a pang of sadness that my tots were back at home. I know a sisters weekend by definition did not include kids, but I still missed them.

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