Motherhood Moments: My baby’s not a baby anymore!

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Happy Birthday little g!!

My baby is officially two years old. I’ve found myself smiling more than ever with her conversational attempts (Happy Bir-day Mama!) and the world of her imagination. She pushes her brother’s cars and trucks around in her new baby stroller, and constantly makes me smile.

But with all her exuberance for life, there is a feeling of loss in my heart too. I know other parents know what I’m talking about. She’s a big girl now, wanting to choose her own clothes (notice the shoes she is wearing), do her own thing and not wanting mom to be in charge anymore. I know the terrible twos are about independence and growth, but I’m reluctant for this new stage of normal.  

As little g’s mom I want her to explore her world, learn new skills and become independant. But I also want her to always be my sweet little girl. I guess being a mom means I’ll take what I can get, and I’ll try to just be grateful for that.

Little G Info:
Favorite Toy: Baby Doll Stroller
Favorite Activity: Anything her older brother is doing.
Least Favorite Activity: Getting her hair combed.

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