Great Horned Owl Release, Great Basin Wildlife Rescue

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The tots and I are lucky enough to live in Great Horned Owl country.  I know that, not because I’ve seen the animals flying overhead, but because we were able to attend a Great Horned Owl Release just down the road from our home.
The group behind this event was the Great Basin Wildlife Rescue, a non profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of birds of prey and black bear cubs.  Thanks to them, we were able to meet some spectacular birds before wishing the Great Horned Owls well.
Volunteers from the Great Basin Wildlife Rescue introduced us to a barn owl, screech owl, golden eagle and Peregrine Falcon, all of which were beautiful to behold. Patti, the Rescue center’s director, was on hand to explain the habitat of each animal and how the Great Basin Wildlife Rescue works to return them to their natural home.

After playing in this private park, exploring the tee pee, waterfalls, and giant swing, it was time to see the main event – two Great Horned Owls ready to be released back into their natural habitat!

The owls were held talons out and thrown into the air by some eager volunteers. They soared briefly before perching on a nearby pine tree to try and figure out where they were. Patti explained that this was their first free flight, so they were probably confused about what was happening. When they finally got their bearings they flew off again in search of food and shelter.

I’m excited to have these new neighbors in my area and wish all the volunteers at Great Basin Wildlife Rescue luck in their future rescues. This experience was awesome!

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