Zion National Park in Autumn, Utah

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Zion National Park is one of the most popular National Parks in the west. Mountain Dad and I have visited several times over the years, but we had never gone in Autumn until now.
What brought us to Zion National Park was an exciting blogging connection. In August, we stayed at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort for a big family reunion and afterward I was invited to blog for them. If you’re ever interested in a cool place to stay in the region, it’s great. Just read my previous post.
At Zion National Park on this occasion we loved seeing golden leaves set against a backdrop of red rock cliffs. Rock climbers ascended precarious peaks, while hikers journeyed along Angel’s Landing. Our little mountain family was content to play beside the stream.
There are lots of hidden places in Zion National Park, and this one, just beyond the street parking near Canyon Junction, was our favorite. Big E dug in the warm sand while little g plopped rocks in the water. The gurgle of the stream could be heard from the road, enticing us to get off the beaten path for a while. Warm weather made the trip perfect, and we all enjoyed playing together in a beautiful place.
I’ve been to Zion National Park in the Spring, Summer and Autumn and Autumn was my favorite.


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