Sand Dune, Moab, Utah

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One of the most unexpectedly fun stops on our Moab, Utah trip was the giant Sand Dune across the highway from the entrance to Arches National Park. It looked as if something scooped away the top layer of the hill, leaving the red innards open for all to enjoy.
The giant sand dune kept Big E and his cousins occupied for over two hours, even in the cold. They “ran” up the slope, jumped from rock out cropings, dug, sculpted and threw sand snow balls.


From the top of the Sand Dune our truck looked like a matchbox car. The steep slope was even used as a sledding slope, minus the snow of course. I would not have thought to pull off the road to enjoy the sand here, but I’m glad we did, even if I’m still finding the red stuff  in pockets and crevices.


Trail Info:
Location: Across the highway from the entrance to Arches National Park. Easiest access is on the southbound side.
Difficulty: Easy
Time:10 min to 3 hours
Tips: Pack some shovels!


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