Big E learns to ski

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Last winter, Big E started his skiing career by accompanying me to Sundance Resort several times. He had a lesson and by the end of last season was able to make it down the beginner run all by himself. I was so proud, my little skier at barely four years old.

This season, I expected him to catch my love of the mountain as if it were contagious. Unfortunately all those months between last season and this one left plenty of time for him to forget. Our first (and only) run together was frequently punctuated with falling, crying and frustrated pouting.

“I’m done with doing this on my own,” I thought and I signed him up for a lesson. His instructor was great, but said he “got frustrated when the skis didn’t do what he wanted.”

A few days later Mountain Dad tried cross country skiing. He’d done it before, years ago, but never on his own. When he came home annoyed and red faced he said, “I just couldn’t get the skis to do what I wanted.” Do you think they’re related?

January is Learn a Snow Sports Month, and I’m pretty sure our family will be first in line.

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