Discovery Gateway Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Big E’s preschool planned a fun field trip to the Discovery Gateway Museum located at the Gateway mall in downtown Salt Lake City. I had never been here before, but as a teenager I volunteered at a Children’s Museum in Wisconsin so I’m a big fan of teaching kids through play.
We started on the upper level of the museum where lots of hands on exhibits let kids play with science. Gears, magnets, wind tunnels, and life size marble races had Big E and little g exploring, building and engineering in no time. 

The main floor of the museum housed a massive beehive where kids can feed the pollen (brightly colored plastic balls) through tubes, wheels and vacuum suction hoses and watch their progress through an interconnected two story maze.

After that was the kid’s village where a construction site, gas station, grocery store, farm and water works let Big E and little g play imaginatively on their scale. Little g’s favorite activity was to carry around a black baby doll, which reminded me of the Brown v Board of Education court case I learned about in college and the experiments involving presenting children with cross racial dolls. That’s a side note, I know but it felt good to use my brain for something other than explaining basic concepts like how to use a bathroom to my tots.

The Discovery Gateway Museum was a great outing with my kids. They loved to explore and play, and hopefully they learned something along the way. Right now the museum is offering $5 Fun Day admission for Friday and Saturday nights and all day Sunday. Check it out at

Discovery Gateway Museum
444 West 100 South, Salt Lake City, UT
Mon – Thurs 10 am – 6 pm
Fri and Sat 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday Noon – 6 pm

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