Snowboard Season is at an end.

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It’s time to say goodbye to my favorite past time – snowboarding. Sundance Resort – my home mountain closed for the season last Sunday but I got to go with my tots one last time before the lifts stopped running. Unfortunately this happened.

Little g is only two and half, and unfortunately her little feet are smaller than the smallest boot at the rental shop. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem since she just glides between my skis anyway, just cinch it up tight and wear big socks. Too bad I left this ski on the loosest notch and when Big E and little g started knocking their skis together on the lift, it was too much for the tiny boot.

Thankfully the ski dropped in a relatively easy to reach place, just off the main drag so nobody was in danger of being impaled from above. Also on the list of things to be grateful for – her favorite bow shoes were in the backpack, she doesn’t weigh much, and Big E was a big help.

Our last time on the slopes was an adventure all its own. Now it’s time to look forward to warm weather adventures – planting a garden (my tots love to help with this), visiting National Parks during National Park Week, maybe even going on an epic trip. Whatever our upcoming adventures may be, I’m glad to share them all with you.

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