Motherhood Moments: Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother of 9 and grandmother of 27 my mom truly is marvelous. In honor of Mother’s Day I just want to say thanks for always being patient, fun loving and kind.

Here are some memories:

My parents were so poor when they first started out they lived in a two room farmhouse. My mom fed and clothed the seven children who shared that space on next to nothing.

My mother is tough. She gave birth to nine children all naturally and breast fed us all until age 1.

When the side window in our van shattered on a road trip mom fastened a blanket to the opening using wire hangers that was strong enough to lean against.

She lived three years in Mexico on a service mission for our church, even though she barely knew Spanish when she went.

One Christmas when I felt alone and forgotten, my mom told the story of how she chose my middle name, Elizabeth because she was inspired by Elisabeth in the bible. It was the best Christmas gift I got.

Mom, I love you and think you’re an amazing example.

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