Slickrock Bike Trail, Moab, Utah

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The real title of this post should be: I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m trying it anyway. That’s how I felt riding my mountain bike on the practice loop of the famous Slickrock Bike Trail in Moab, Utah. The steep uphill sections interspersed with difficult turns and sandy sections made this more like a Bike Hike since I’m pretty sure I was walking my bike at least half of the time.

I’ve been mountain biking maybe twice before, but as an outdoorsy woman, I think mountain biking skills are good to have and where better to learn some than the Holy Land of mountain biking – Moab, Utah. The Slickrock Bike Trail is a 12 mile journey over well marked sandstone.

Lucky for me, the two mile practice loop gives a good taste of the whole trail, with technical dips and climbs, some sandy sections and a whole lot of beautiful scenery to enjoy. Don’t be fooled by my photo, fancy biking gloves do not make someone a mountain biker.

The most enjoyable part of the Slickrock Bike Trail was the amazing scenery. I took the short spur off the practice trail to Echo Canyon where I was lucky enough to see a bird flying below me. I don’t think I’ve seen the top of a bird in flight before. It was pretty cool.

I think I’d be ready to tackle the full loop after a few more trails on my mountain bike. For now I’m just glad I survived this tough trail.

Slickrock Bike Trail:
Getting there: From Moab’s main thouroghfare, turn left on 300 South, right when the road ends and then the second left onto Sand Flats Road following the signs for the Slickrock Bike Trail. About half a mile from the entry gate (where you pay a day use/camping fee) there is the Slickrock Bike Trail parking lot on the left.
Length: full loop 12 miles, practice loop 2 miles
Difficulty: Difficult
Tips: Bring extra water. It’s hot anyway, but huffing and puffing uphill made me extra thirsty.

For more info visit this awesome website –

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  1. Love your post about Slickrock in Moab. Maybe even better than Moab though are the trails right where we live. So fortunate!

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