Fins ‘N Things Off Road Trail, Moab, Utah

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Thanks to Mountain Dad’s Christmas gift of a Polaris RZR, our Mountain family is now an off road family. On our recent trip to Moab, Utah we got to explore the great outdoors in a faster, cooler way than ever before.
Our first trail was Fins ‘N Things, a sandstone trail with some tough steeps sections and fun sandy ones too. The trail is well marked with white dashes and tire tracks, and although some places can get tricky, overall it was a great time had by all.
Detailed descriptions of this trail and many others in the area can be found in the book Guide to Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails by Charles A Wells. It’s a must have for off roading here, with detailed maps, color photos and trail descriptions.
On this adventure Mountain Dad was driving, and my brother-in-law Jonathan, AKA off-roading expert, was leading the way in his own UTV. The tots were buckled and helmeted in back, and I was gripping my “oh no!”  handle most of the time.

One benefit of off roading is access to remote areas. There’s no way my tots could hike or bike into this wilderness area, and the views were breathtaking. Although next time I may suggest Big E NOT slide down the hill since his pants and underwear came back with half dollar sized holes in them.

Fins ‘N Things was a great trail and well worth seeing.

Trail Info:
Level: Difficult
Distance: 9.4 miles, 2-3 hours in a UTV, longer in a jeep or other 4-Wheel Drive vehicle
Tips: Always go UTVing with others. Remote locations can make for dangerous situations.


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  1. I really enjoyed this post as I am headed to Moab myself next week with friends and our ATVs. Fins 'N Things looks like a great trail for our ability level plus we will have some children along as well. The 4-seater RZR is a great choice to be able to bring along the tots! Thanks for sharing!

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