Waterfall Week – Hike to Stewart Falls, Provo Canyon, Utah

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The final adventure of Waterfall Week was the most difficult. Stewart Falls is over 200 feet tall, falling in two tiers with beautiful Mt. Timpanogos in the background. The hike is only three miles round trip, but with little legs to take into consideration, it was the longest and hardest of Waterfall Week.

Starting out on the Sundance side, we walked through lush green forests until the trail opened onto the Stewart Falls Valley. I  was grateful Mountain Dad joined us on this lush summer adventure, not only to have someone to talk to, but to have someone to help with carrying little g. She’s at the awkward age where she’s too big for a carrier but too small to walk long distances on her own which means that Mom or Dad end up carrying her a lot. 
In the distance water cascaded while the tots explored the streams that flowed below Stewart Falls. But with a total distance of three miles, this hike was already at the limit of our abilities. Although Big E could do it, little g could not, so instead of pushing on to the base of the falls, Mountain Dad and I decided seeing the waterfall from afar and playing in the stream was close enough.
 The extra agony of getting our tots there and back wouldn’t have been worth it since I have a goal to always end an outdoor activity while everyone is still having fun.
Back at home it was obvious that everyone did have fun by the smiles on all our faces. This beautiful hike to Stewart Falls was the perfect end to our Waterfall Week.
Getting there: The more popular trail head is near Aspen Grove off Alpine Loop Scenic Byway or Hwy 92. Several trails begin here, but each are well marked. An alternate trail head begins at Sundance Resort.
Length: 3 miles
Difficulty: Moderate – level trail with some short steep sections
Tips: Try snowshoeing to Stewart Falls in winter. You won’t be disappointed.
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