Outlaw ATV Trail, Ashley National Forest, Utah

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On our recent campout in Ashley National Forest we brought our Polaris RZR to explore the surrounding area. When we started out on our weekend getaway we weren’t sure where we were going to camp, what trails were nearby or what exactly we were going to do all day. We just knew we were headed to the Vernal, Utah area and that there’s a lot of off roading nearby.
We lucked out with our choice of camping in Ashley National Forest. Not only were there many off road trails, the area was secluded and beautiful. The most well known off-road trail is the 38 mile Outlaw ATV trail which traverses through forest, past lakes and over streams.
Unfortunately, because of the spontaneity of the trip, we did not have an accurate map of the off road trails in the area (Click here for a map of the Outlaw Trail). Instead we attempted to explore off road trails using signs and an outdated Utah map we found under the seat of our truck. Now, I know. A little planning could’ve prevented a lot of hassle.

The Outlaw ATV Trail is known as a difficult ride through tree fall, over rocks and bumps. The trail is meant for vehicles 50 inches wide or less, not for wider off road options like our Polaris RZR. We made it through several mud puddles, around boulders and tree stumps and along the dirt trail until we reached this pinch point. At a previous dead fall area we were able to clear a tree trunk from the path, but here the thirty foot long trunk wouldn’t budge.

Since Mountain Dad and I had already endured complaints from kids, mud splatters, bumpy trails and slow going, we called it a good attempt and turned back. Luckily we were able to do a fun ride near Dyers park just down the road from our East Park Campground later.

So if you’re planning an off road trip to the Flaming Gorge/Vernal Utah area may I suggest one important tip: Have a map.


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