Motherhood Moments: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

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Choosing to be an active outdoor parent is tough sometimes (just read here about skiing with little g). I’m starting my eighth month of pregnancy and every day I feel it more and more. Simple actions like putting on shoes and picking something up off the floor are now accompanied by sighs and grunts of exertion. 
So you can imagine how hard it is to motivate myself to bundle Big E, little g and myself in snow clothes and traipse through the snow. It sounds like a lot of work but, like exercise or healthy living, I know I will feel better after I make the effort. Being outdoors lifts my mood every time, even if it’s just for a few minutes every day.

This snowman activity started out as a snowshoeing adventure but quickly changed once reality hit. Little g wanted to hold my hand to walk through the snow that was past her boots. I get it, that’s deep snow when you’re three feet tall. When I tried to tell her it’d be easier to walk in my footsteps she cried and complained. Big E wanted to throw snow at everyone and was ecstatic to make the perfect snowball (which he eventually threw at me and his sister). 
Making a snowman was the compromise. I got what I wanted – outdoor time with my kids. Big E got what he wanted – to smash snow together into round shapes. Little G got what she wanted – to stop trudging through deep snow. Where we live the snow is rarely wet enough to actually make snowmen so that was a treat on its own.

Sometimes being an outdoor parent requires flexibility and compromise. Actually make that ALL the time in ALL parenting. But the hard work is worth it when you and your kids can enjoy that time together. Too much of my life is spent telling my kids what to do and not do. I relish the moments when we can all just play outside together. Even if it takes some work.

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Author: Mountain Mom

Hi! I'm Mountain Mom. I live with my husband and three young kids in the mountains near Sundance, Utah. When we're not hiking, biking, skiing and camping, I spend my time doing Mom stuff and reading. Summer of 2016 we traveled over 7,000 miles along the US National Park to Park Highway.

3 thoughts on “Motherhood Moments: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

  1. I can see Big E wanting to throw snowballs and make things. What is snow for if not to throw and roll in? Little g looks like she had a great time not having to trudge through the snow. Why did she choose not to use gloves? Better to eat the snow I guess.

  2. Go-Pro has made outdoor awesome for me to be with J. on the slopes. I did my part- get him there with food, clothes, equipment, ticket, and we waved to each other as he boarded the lift and I walked into the lodge with a book.

    I would love to be able to be there in real time with him but illness has meant getting very, very, creative.

    The sun was shining and good snow was minutes away at Kelly Canyon here in Idaho. Despite being a rough week I felt impressed to 'Get Up There'! So I called his school and told them I'd be there to get him in ten minutes. (It was only ten minutes shy of the school bell) However, it saved us time and got us up there and enjoying what we could.

    Loving your child enough to show them the world and let them find what they love often means giving up yours and what you might love or need at the time but I find we love each other more at the end of the day.

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