Three Ways to Get Outdoors This Summer

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Can you feel it? The weather’s warm and school’s almost out. It’s time to get ready for SUMMER! If you’re looking for ways to get outdoors with the tots here are my top suggestions.

Join an outdoors play group. The new site Forest School For All is a resource for anyone looking for an outdoors play group. If there’s not a group in your area consider starting one – details are on the Forest School For All website. You can also find groups for all of your interests at Meetup or just get some friends together and start your own adventures.

Visit a National Park. There are so many amazing places in the United States and Canada. Why not plan a family vacation to experience them? Our favorites include Yellowstone, Denali and Arches National Parks. But if those are too far away why not try your State Parks? Several have great day trip locations including lakes, forests and wild spaces.

Commit to Life on the Outside. A friend of mine introduced me to Waldkindergarten, a movement common in Germany where preschool is held outside no matter the weather. Meals, lessons, play all happen outdoors no matter if it’s raining or snowing or hot. This has led me to ask myself if four year olds can do it, why not me? What daily activities could I accomplish outside? Summer’s a great time to find out.

What are your summertime plans? How will your kids be entertained and involved?

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