Top Ten Summer Products from Outdoor Retailer

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Last week I spent a few days at Outdoor Retailer – the largest trade show for outdoor gear in the country. Every six months companies from coast to coast come to show what they’re all about. This summer I got to check out some really cool products, some of which I had seen before and some that were totally new to me. Here’s my list of favorite finds from the show.

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1. Go Sun Stove – This tube of insulated glass can cook food using only solar power. Plus it’s light (only 3.5 lbs) and eco-friendly.

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2. Field Candy – I loved these kid friendly designs from British company Field Candy. So hip it hurt.

3. luminAID – A solar charged lantern that floats, blinks and lights up pretty.

4. ChicoBag – Packable, reusable storage bags including snack and produce options and many are made from recycled material.

5. Velo Bling Designs – Jewelry made from recycled bicycle parts. It even inspired this unique tattoo.

6. FireBuggz – Adorable roasting sticks for kids of all ages!

7. Monkey Mat – A portable floor for Baby L. I used it within an hour of getting it!

8. Bubi Bottles – So squeezable, these bottles are like a friendly squirty blob.

9. Stower – I didn’t know you could make electricity with fire and water. Live on Kickstarter.

10. Chapul – I dare you to eat cricket! These bars are made from cricket flour, a sustainable source of protein.

11. Pakems – Packable boots that come in a variety of colors, including a color your own pair!

12. BlackFire – So much more than a flashlight.

13. Lunatec – I love the aquabot. Mister, shower, 25 foot squirt gun and water bottle all in one.

OK, so that’s a few more than ten. I just couldn’t decide what was best!

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