Fire! Fire! Fire! Emergency Preparedness + LuminAID Spectra Giveaway

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Last week there was a wildfire near our house.
Photo Credit: Tiffany Fox on twitter @ParkCityTV 
We live in the mountains near Sundance Resort in Utah. Our fire department reminds all the homeowners about wildfire danger every year. As full time residents in a largely vacation home area, we are part of the community emergency evacuation team,willing to go door to door should an evacuation be needed.

Luckily last week’s fire didn’t threaten our community directly, but it did burn over 720 acres of forest land and spewed smoke throughout the county.

Photo Credit: 

When natural disasters threaten our daily life its good to feel prepared. Just a week before the Wheeler fire started burning Mountain Dad and I went through our emergency preparedness plan and updated our emergency “Bug Out” bags. We now have a backpack with clothes, diapers and emergency supplies in our kids closets, ready to grab in case of any emergency. In addition to that we have three days worth of food and water stored in the garage, ready in case we’d need to quickly evacuate.
It feels good to be prepared, but as we put everything together I had to wonder about each item we included. Would we have fuel to cook our food? Would we survive if it were winter? The one thing I didn’t have to worry about was light, thanks to a nifty new solar charged lantern from LuminAID.

Mountain Dad purchased the LuminAID PackLite 12 earlier this summer. The compact, inflatable light can last 12 hours on a full days charge, and can retain its charge for up to 2 years. It’s inflatable, waterproof and conveniently clips onto your pack or in your tent. My kids love it since it’s like playing with a light up balloon.
I feel good knowing that if there were an emergency I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of batteries in my flashlight. Instead I can just pack up the LuminAID PackLite 12 and go.
Our friends at LuminAID have generously offered to sponsor a giveaway in connection with this post. They’re offering a new LuminAID PackLite Spectra – a multicolored, inflatable, solar light – to one lucky reader. I got to see these in action and they are super cool.
With 9 color settings it’s like the PackLite 12 in party mode. The Spectra is also a lightweight, easily packable lighting option, solar charged with a long battery life so you won’t have to worry about finding your way in the dark. 
Enter and you could see how cool these lights are for yourself. Plus I’m willing to bet your tots will love the changing colors.

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