How Skiing Strengthens Families

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Last season I was pregnant with Baby L and missed the thrill of snowboarding. I missed gliding down the mountain, trying tricks and spending quality outdoor time with my tots. So when Sundance Mountain Resort opened last weekend Big E and I were there. Even though the snow wasn’t great, it was better than no snow at all. I’ll take what I can.
Skiing and snowboarding are more than just fun winter activities. They are activities that strengthen our family. Here’s how:
Skiing defines what your family is. Some people are soccer fanatics. Some families are music families. We are a Mountain Family and that includes skiing and snowboarding. My kids may never play on a school basketball team but they will all learn how to ski.

Skiing and snowboarding strengthen family ties even over multiple generations. Since I sat out last year, my dad took Big E and Little G skiing. He enjoyed it so much he made a goal to ski with my kids once a week this coming year. My kids are three out of thirty grand kids so to have that one on one time with him is truly something special. 
It encourages new skills. Studies have shown that couples who try new activities together have stronger, longer marriages. The same applies with the whole family. As a snowboarder, I learned to ski when Big E did so I could help him on the mountain. Learning new things puts me into an open state of mind, vulnerable, teachable and when I accomplish a new skill like parallel turns on a blue run I feel triumphant. I want my kids to feel that too. 
When new activities are tried together it creates bonding memories, helps individuals push their boundaries and puts us in a good mental place.
Seeing my kids conquer obstacles gives me opportunities to praise. So much of my communication with my tots revolves around getting them to do things – clean up, homework, get dressed, stop hitting your sister. It’s nice to just have fun together and have the opportunity to see them do something difficult.
Sitting on the chair lift forces you to talk to each other. My sister and brother-in-law have older kids, including a teenage daughter and tween son. What they like about skiing together is the one on one time they get with their kids who would rather be hanging out with friends. I’m not against trapping my kids twenty feet in the air to have some positive bonding time.

Skiing and snowboarding gives me a reason to love winter. Let’s be honest, shoveling, scraping, and driving in snow is not fun. Darkness at five pm is depressing. Cold weather is uncomfortable. Winter can be rough so having something fun that depends on cold and snow makes seasonal depression less of an issue.

We are a skiing and snowboarding family. Even when the snow doesn’t cooperate we will be out on the slopes, spending time together and enjoying the outdoors. If you’re looking for a way to create some positive connections with your kids try skiing together.

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