Kids Style in the Wild Part 2

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As the final installment of my Style in the Wild series I wanted to share some of these great Kids’ outdoor fashions. Just like in my 6 Tips for Style in the Wild Post I couldn’t forget the feet for my kids, so this post is all about keeping those toes protected from the elements.

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Farm to Feet

We love Farm to Feet who sent socks for Big E, Little G and Baby L to try out. Their Kid’s Kittery Hiker Socks have a cute stripe pattern in a variety of colors and their Park City Ski Socks are great for keeping cold toes from freezing on the slopes. Little G especially gets cold so good base layers for skiing are a must.

What’s awesome about Farm to Feet is their 100% Made in America commitment. From ingredients to manufacturing, their Merino wool is sourced right here in the US. Even the paper and ink in their packaging comes from the USA.
We got a pair for the whole family to try. The Farm to Feet Kid’s Kittery Socks smallest size was still too big for Baby L, but I didn’t mind. For once she couldn’t pull the socks off her feet – her favorite thing to do – since they went up to her knees.

Butler Boots
April showers may bring May flowers, but they also make great puddles to jump in. And for that you need a good rain boot. Butler Emperor Overboots are made from flexible material and can be worn directly over your kids own shoe. Great for picky, accessory conscious kids like my daughter. Or so I thought.

When we first got these Butler Overboots to review, Little G loved them, wearing them to preschool and showing off her colorful fashion sense. The bright colors are great for the preschool kid crowd. Like Butler says, these boots are like gumballs for your feet.

They are very waterproof, a major plus, and the included machine washable liner keeps feet warm if you don’t want to use them with their own shoes. I love the selection of bright colors, which adds happiness to every wet weather day.

Unfortunately for me and the Butler Emperor Overboot, Little G’s interest failed again. After wearing them a few times she said the boots were too heavy. Again with the offering, bribing and begging. Again with the refusing. I could not get her to wear them over her own shoes or alone.

I still think the Butler Emperor Overboot is a great kid product since it gives you the option of wearing them over the kids shoe or with the enclosed liner. Little G will just have to get wet in the next rain storm.
What about those non rainy days? When you need something quick to protect your bare feet? You could try Flopeeze.

Flopeeze gave me some of their flexible sandals to try out. The design is simple, just put your foot through the hole and hook the strap around your toes. The protective footwear is similar to a sandal, but the specially formulated rubber is squishier. They pack up small and are easy to take anywhere you go.
It all sounds good in theory, but I don’t like them. The space between my toes hurts after I wear them longer than ten minutes and the rings around my ankles felt too tight. Although the cushion is adequate, their use is still a mystery to me. I could see maybe taking Flopeeze to travel if you I needed something ultra thin to wear in a communal shower, but truthfully flip flops aren’t that much more space and you can wear them in so many more scenarios.
My kids loved the Flopeeze at first, again with the new toy syndrome, but they quickly lost interest as well. 
Thanks for reading. Make sure to check out my 6 Tips for Style in the Wild and Kids Style in the Wild GIVEAWAY Posts too!
I contacted the companies above to ask for items to review unless otherwise noted. I chose those companies because I thought their products were uniquely designed for outdoor families and relevant for you, my readers. My opinions of their products are my own. This post includes affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you purchase something by clicking through these links. 

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