Channel Island National Park Photo Journal

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Many people have never heard of Channel Islands National Park, even southern Californians looked at me funny when I said I wanted to go there. I know Channel Islands wasn’t on the original 1920s National Park to Park Highway tour, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit the only island chain National Park in the US (Hawaii doesn’t count because the whole island chain isn’t a National Park).

Getting to the Santa Cruz island of the Channel Island chain requires a boat ticket from Ventura via Island Packers. Because of this, the cost was high, but the views were unbelieveable. From the boat we looked for dolphins and sea birds and closer to shore we saw sea lions, birds and the unique island fox.

Don’t jump!

Our short time on Santa Cruz Island convinced me that I will need to visit again. I was glad that Grandma and Grandpa could join us for this excursion, but unfortunately Mountain Dad had to stay on the mainland with Baby L who had 102.0 degree fever!

Enjoy these photos of one of the prettiest places I’ve been.

Boarding the Boat
Little G with the wind in her hair.
Hiking the trail with Grandma and Grandpa

From these cliffs we saw pelicans and seagulls.
Little G and Grandpa look out at the water

Little G chases an Island Fox.

These Eucalyptus trees filled the air with a fresh scent.

Me and Little G in matching shirts!

Mom! Feel this leaf!

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