Olympic National Park Photo Journal

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Olympic National Park Photo Journal
This Olympic National Park Photo Journal is my attempt to capture the beauty of an alien world.

The Pacific Northwest feels like another planet to me. Coming from Utah’s mountain and desert terrain, the lush green rain forest and ocean scenery feels exotic and exciting. While exploring the World Heritage Site that is Olympic National Park, I felt awed by the diversity of life in this beautiful national park.
These trees are amazing.

Olympic National Park wasn’t on the 1920s National Park to Park Highway, but I’m sure glad we included it on our tour. Here are some of our favorite photos from Olympic National Park.

Hall of Mosses

Hoh Rain Forest


Hoh River


A herd of Elk call the Hoh river valley home. Can you find two in this photo?
Biking around camp.
Have I said how amazing these trees are?
Biking around camp.
Baby L didn’t like the wind.
Dead stumps and branches in the surf can be deadly. We stayed out of the water on this one.
Rialto Beach
We spent an over an hour stacking rocks on Rialto Beach. It’s surprisingly entertaining.

What’s your favorite place to visit in Olympic National Park?

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Hi! I'm Mountain Mom. I live with my husband and three young kids in the mountains near Sundance, Utah. When we're not hiking, biking, skiing and camping, I spend my time doing Mom stuff and reading. Summer of 2016 we traveled over 7,000 miles along the US National Park to Park Highway.

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  1. The Olymic national park looks so beautiful and unknown to many of the people. The development of this park should be maintained.The high way on the both side of this park.Many people want to visit national park, but they do not find the approprate way to go thee!

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