Fifty Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

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Mountain Mom winter hiking with Baby L

Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter is my favorite season because I get to do my favorite activity – snowboard. However, winter is also cold. If you’re like me you need some extra motivation to get out the door in the winter, especially with tots. Outdoor winter activities for kids don’t have to be fancy or require special equipment, they just need to get you outside.


50 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Outside Every Day

My free printable, 50 outdoor winter activities for kids, lists great ideas to get out no matter the weather. In my family we try to get outside every day for at least twenty minutes. Sometimes that means taking a hike or going skiing, but most days I don’t have time for long outdoor activities. Often we just play around the yard.

In 50 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids, some of the activities are epic toddler adventures like skiing or sledding, while others are as easy as finding an icicle. Some don’t even require snow or ice!Big E and Mountain Mom on the slopes

How to Get 50 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

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Getting outdoors with kids can be tough. Hopefully my 50 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids printable will make it a little easier.


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  1. I would love to receive your emails. I work with kids and my philosophy is kids need far more outside play than they get. With winter coming soon, I look forward to receiving new ideas for outdoor play!

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