Free May Family Bike Challenge and Why I Like Biking As a Family

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May Family Bike Challenge

It’s the first of the month again. You know what that means. It’s time for my May Family Bike Challenge!

Why is this month’s outdoor challenge all about family biking? Simple. May is National Bike Month.

Family Bike Challenge

Never heard of my Monthly Outdoor Challenge before? Here’s what you need to know. Each Monthly Outdoor Challenge:

  1. Requires you to get outside.
  2. Is something you can do with kids.
  3. Is a little challenging. It is a challenge after all.

Complete the challenge and you’ll be entered into an exclusive giveaway for awesome outdoor gear. The best part? Your chances of winning are always 1 in 50 or better! 1 in 50! I wish lottery tickets had those odds.

Plus…THIS MONTH ONLY IT’S TOTALLY FREE! Normally there is a $3 per month cost, but I’m so excited about this challenge I wanted EVERYONE to join.

It’s easy to join. Just enter your email.

Sign Up for the Mountain Mom and Tots Monthly Outdoor Challenge!


Why I Like Biking As a Family

Family biking is one of my favorite outdoor activities. Here’s why:

  1. Family Biking is less physical work than hauling a wriggling toddler in a hiking pack.
  2. Family Biking allows us to explore the outdoors at a faster pace than hiking. Speed is an important component of thrill.
  3. Riding a bike is a skill my kids will use for life. Teaching my kids to ride bikes was tough until I was introduced to Woom bikes last year. Now we all enjoy outside time from the seat of two wheels.
  4. Mountain Biking is SUPER fun. I don’t take my toddler on mountain bike trails (it’d be tough to haul a trailer on those) but last summer I got into mountain biking a little bit and I’m looking forward to trying it again this year.

April’s Go Green Challenge

Before we get too excited for the May Family Bike Challenge, let’s check out April’s Go Green Challenge. Congratulations to Sabrina from Mama Wild and Free and Jess who will receive this Go Green Prize Pack from Chicobag and To Go Ware just for participating!

Go Green Prize Pack

April’s Challenge was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure where participants could:

  1. Pick up Litter
  2. Produce Less Trash or
  3. Plant Something

Here are some of the entries.

Pick up Litter:

Go Green Litter

Pick Up Litter

Produce Less Trash

Mamawildnfree Go Green Challenge

Plant a Garden


3.Little.Trees plant a garden

Thanks to everyone who participated in the April Go Green Challenge. If you want to try out the May Outdoor Challenge sign up here!

Hidden Content

See you in the outdoors!

~Mountain Mom

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