July Outdoor Challenge and Mini-Course: Hiking with Kids

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Every month I offer an outdoor challenge to help families explore outdoors. So far this year, participants have skied, listened for wildlife, biked five miles, slept outdoors and more. Each month’s challenge has been unique, but out of all of them, I’m most excited for the July Outdoor Challenge.

Why? Because in July I’m partnering with Hike Like a Woman to offer more than just a challenge with a prize, we’re planning a mini-course on hiking with kids and we want you to join us!

Hiking with kids pin

This July Hike with Kids challenge will give you that extra umph! To explore the outdoors as a family.

Will you join us?

What is a Monthly Outdoor Challenge?

If you haven’t heard of my monthly outdoor challenges yet, you’re missing out. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up and pay the minimal participation fee. Sign up for 12 or 6 months and get a discounted price!
  2. You’ll receive three to four personal emails from me announcing the challenge, sharing exclusive tips and tricks to accomplish it and sharing great research about the benefits of getting outdoors.
  3. Post a photo of you completing the challenge on social media and tag @mountainmomtots or you can email it to me – susan@mountainmomandtots.com. I will feature your photos on MountainMomandTots.com and my instagram feed (unless of course you’d rather they weren’t).
  4. You’ll be entered to win an exclusive outdoor gear giveaway prize. Here’s the best part –your chances of winning will always be 1 in 50 or better.

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Each Monthly Outdoor Challenge will:

  1. Require you to get outside.
  2. Be something you can bring kids on.
  3. Cost nothing or very little after the participation fee.
  4. Be a little challenging. It is a challenge after all.

Typically my monthly outdoor challenges are just $3 per month. However, July is EXTRA special because not only will you be getting emails with tips, resources and research, you will also receive a mini course on how to hike with kids.

Hiking With Kids

The outdoor activity I do most often with my family is hike. Hiking with kids exposes them to nature, keeps the family active and allows us to see amazing places all at a pace my kids can handle.Hiking with kids July Outdoor Challenge

However, hiking with kids can be challenging – like when your baby and toddler BOTH want to be carried, or your four-year-old has to go poo and your miles away from a bathroom. That’s why I’ve partnered with Rebecca from Hike Like a Woman to present a Hiking With Kids mini-course for my July Outdoor Challenge.

The Hiking With Kids mini-course includes:

  • Video and audio instruction on what to pack in your day pack.
  • Tips on how to carry kids and stuff.
  • Printable of hiking activities to do on the trail. 
  • Trail-side kids scavenger hunt.
  • Access to the all new Mountain Mom and Tots facebook group and a community of other outdoor enthusiasts
  • Discount to purchase Rebecca’s book: How to Hike with Kids
  • Regular emails with tips, tricks and research to help you get outdoors with kids.

Outdoor Prize Pack

While the Hiking With Kids mini-course is worthwhile on its own, it’s always more fun to do things when there are prizes involved! That’s why Rebecca from Hike Like a Woman and I put together this awesome prize pack that you could win when you complete July’s Hiking With Kid Mini-Course and Challenge.

Complete the course and the accompanying challenge and you could win:July Outdoor Challenge Prize Pack

That’s a prize pack valued at over $140!

Complete the July Outdoor Challenge and not only will you have a 1 in 50 chance of winning this month’s prize pack, you’ll learn all about hiking with kids through this month’s mini-course.

Sign Up Now

If you’re already an Annual Monthly Outdoor Challenge participant, you’re in luck. You’ll receive the Hiking With Kids mini-course for FREE! Otherwise it’s just $15 for the Hiking With Kids mini-course and July Outdoor Challenge.

Learn what to pack in your day pack, how to carry kids and stuff, activities to do on the trail and get access to the all new Mountain Mom and Tots facebook group community and a discount for How to Hike with Kids for just $15.00! That’s less than I spend on cookies for the month!

Sign up for July’s Hiking With Kids Mini-Course and Challenge for just $15.00.

Outdoor Challenges

BONUS: Get almost 25% off when you sign up for July’s Hiking With Kids Mini-Course and twelve months of outdoor challenges.

Typically my monthly outdoor challenges are just $3.00 per month to participate – less than the cost of a Starbucks Caffe Mocha. For just $3.00 you get a challenge, exclusive content and a 1 in 50 or better chance to win awesome outdoor gear.

If you sign up for July’s Hiking With Kids Mini-Course AND twelve months of outdoor challenges you can receive the whole package for just $40! That’s nearly $25% off!

Get Outside, Win a Prize

The benefits of joining Mountain Mom and Tots and Hike Like a Woman for the July Outdoor Challenge and Mini-course are truly awesome.

Get outside. Learn How to Hike with Kids. Receive exclusive content. Be entered in an exclusive outdoor gear giveaway.Hiking with kids Mini Course

All for just $15.00 It’s like an in app purchase for your life. A power up. An upgrade. A hobby of the month. Focus your time and energy on one outdoor challenge for July. Just one. I’ll be doing it.

Will you join us?

Outdoor Challenges

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