Just BE in the Outdoors – August Outdoor Challenge

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I like to just BE in the outdoors. Yesterday I sat on my deck and listened to the rain patter through the trees. The air smelled clean, with a whiff of dark mustiness. The tempo of the raindrops varied. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine all the trees around me talking to each other.

It felt relaxing – just what I needed after my kids’ poking, jumping, exuberant craziness. For about five minutes, I breathed it all in. Then fearing that my kids had destroyed the house or each other, I tried to go back in. Only I couldn’t.

My children locked me out of the house.

Well, if they need me I guess they know where to find me, I thought. And I sat back down to BE in the outdoors some more.

Nature Benefits for Children

One of the best things I can pass on to my children is a robust nature connection. I want my kids to love the mountains, forest, plains and ocean. Those wild places are a source of never ending peace and happiness (and sometimes danger and frustration) for me. I want to teach my kids one truth that I’ve learned. If you want to be happy, BE in the outdoors.BE in the outdoors

I’ve learned that on my own, but you don’t have to take my word for it. There’s a lot of scientific research about nature benefits for children.

The outdoors invites imagination, encourages active movement and offers a constantly changing play area for kids. Outdoor play can also support healthy brain development, prevent myopia, reduce ADHD symptoms, contribute to a healthy gut, help children assess risk, and can even improve vocabulary. (For more great research related articles check out TheMommyScout.com).

These nature benefits are worth an investment outdoor time, which is why time will be a major focus for this month’s Outdoor Challenge.

August Outdoor Challenge

For this August Outdoor Challenge, I’m doing something a bit different. All my monthly challenges:

  1. Require you to get outside.
  2. Are something you can bring kids on.
  3. Cost nothing or very little after the participation fee.
  4. Are a little challenging. It is a challenge after all.

Usually you have to sign up and pay the $3 per month participation fee just to know the challenge specifics. In August, I’m telling everyone the challenge, but you’ll still need to sign up for exclusive tips, tricks and printables and for your chance to win! Here’s the August challenge:

BE in the Outdoors for 155 Minutes

Being in the outdoors means putting away your phone, focusing on your surroundings, and experiencing what’s around you with all your senses. BE present. BE engaged. BE in the outdoors.

The time frame – 155 minutes – would give you five minutes outdoors every day during the month of August. Five minutes each day to reconnect with nature isn’t asking much. I often step outside for five minutes just to give myself a break from whining kids during the day. Usually I don’t get locked out.

Since I know starting a daily habit can be tough sometimes, I opened up the time frame to just be 155 minutes anytime during the month. As long as you’re present and engaged in your outdoor environment, you can complete the challenge all in one activity if you’d like.

Go on a hike. Swim in a lake. Garden. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it connects you with nature and you’re engaged with your outdoor surroundings.

Win a Prize

Now if you’re going to BE in nature, you might as well win a prize, right? Preferably something that will make your nature experience easier, right? That’s where our August sponsor TrailFoody comes in. TrailFoody

TrailFoody is a monthly subscription service that delivers healthy, outdoor-ready snacks to your door. The grab bag of tastiness comes packed for your next adventure, and with their new family pack, you can customize it to the size of your crew.

I tried TrailFoody out earlier this summer and gotta say it’s a new family favorite. Opening the TrailFoody pouch was like peeking in a Christmas stocking – I wasn’t sure what was inside, but I knew it’d be something I’d like.

Sign up for the August challenge for your exclusive chance to win. Once you’re signed up you’ll receive outdoor inspiration, tips, tricks and research in your inbox, and specially designed printables that will help you connect with nature in August. Once you complete the challenge, you’ll have a 1 in 50 chance or better of trying TrailFoody’s family pack for yourself.

Monthly Outdoor Challenge

Trust me. It’s worth it.

How it Works

My Monthly Outdoor Challenge is very simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for the Monthly Outdoor Challenge and pay the $3.00 per month participation fee. You can also sign up for 12 or 6 months at a discounted price.
  2. You’ll receive three or four personal emails from me throughout the month. I’ll announce the challenge, share exclusive tips and tricks to and share great research about the benefits of getting outdoors. Plus this month you’ll get exclusive nature activity printables!
  3. Post a photo of you completing the challenge on social media and tag @mountainmomtots or you can email it to me – susan@mountainmomandtots.com. I will feature your photos on MountainMomandTots.com and my instagram feed (unless of course you’d rather they weren’t).
  4. You’ll be entered to win an exclusive outdoor gear giveaway prize where your chances of winning will always be 1 in 50 or better.

Be in the outdoors

Monthly Outdoor Challenge

Are you ready to BE in the outdoors? Sign up here. Get outdoor inspiration to your inbox. Join the Mountain Mom and Tots community. Win a prize.

See you in the outdoors!

~Mountain Mom


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