The 10k Women Trail Project – Let’s Hit the Trails Ladies

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Big news this month Mountain Mom and Tots readers! I was selected as a TrailBlazer for the 10k Women Trail Project, a year long initiative coordinated by the non-profit Hike it Baby and funded by a grant from REI’s Force of Nature effort.

I’m so excited to be part of this program, because I firmly believe everybody needs a friend or mentor to help them get outdoors. I know the 10k Women Trail Project will be helpful for a lot of you readers, so I thought I’d answer some questions about it so you can join in the hiking party!

Mountain Mom 10k Women Trail Project

What is the 10k Women Trail Project?

The 10,000 Women Trail Project is a movement whose goal is to encourage women to bring female friends and family on a trail at least once a month. Created in partnership with REI’s Force of Nature campaign, the 10k Women Trail Project is a 12 month effort to invite more women outdoors, with the goal of having 10,000 women hit the trails and invite a friend in 2018.

REI found while many women know getting outside is good for them, they have a hard time finding inspiration. In a 2017 study of women in the outdoors, they found 65% of the women surveyed could not think of an outdoors woman who inspires them! And, 6 out of 10 women say
men’s interest in the outdoors is taken more seriously than women’s.

10k Women Trail Project

The 10k Women Trail Project wants to prove them wrong! The goal is to see if, together, we can inspire 10,000 women in 2018 to hike, log their adventures, and who they brought along.

Who can participate?

The 10k Women Trail Project is open to any female, anywhere in the world. It’s hosted by Hike it Baby, a non-profit organization committed to creating hiking communities for parents with young children, but you don’t need a baby or child to participate. Just a female friend and a willingness to get outdoors.

To participate, just register, pick a trail to hike every month for a year, then invite your sisters, mom, aunts, and friends to join you. Log your hikes and make sure to add in the number of women you inspired to get out every hike.

The 10k Women Trail Project is managed by Hike it Baby. Not a Hike it Baby member? No problem! Sign up for a FREE 90-day trial on Hike it Baby – no need to pay membership fee to participate.

What does it cost?


The 10k Women Trail Project is a FREE program. Throughout the year you’ll receive emails to encourage you to get out there and have access to a Facebook group for inspiration which will feature me and the 99 other Trailblazers – female influencers from various outdoor organizations, blogs and social media.

10k Women Trail Project 3

The 10k Women Trail Project has the goal to encourage 10,000 women and girls to get on a trail and invite their friends to hike in the next 12 months. The goal is to see if together we can inspire 10,000 women to hike and record their adventures.

When can I start?

Now! November marks the first month of the 10k Women Trail Project and I want to kick it off strong with a hike with all of my Mountain Mom and Tots readers.

We may not be in the same state or country, but we can still enjoy nature together. In the REI Opt Outside tradition, I will be hiking with my family and friends on Friday, November 24, 2017.

Will you join me?

Wherever you are in the world, make some time to get outdoors on Friday November 24, 2017. Invite some female friends. Start a new tradition. Let’s hit the trails together.

And don’t forget to tell me about it! If you’re female (sorry fellas) post about your Opt Outside adventure on social media by November 27 and tag @mountainmomtots.

Not only will I will log you as a participant on my first 10k Women Trail Project hike, but I’ll also give you a BONUS entry for my Thankful for NATURE challenge (sign up for that here). You can also email me a photo of your November 24, 2017 hike at

Together maybe we can inspire 10,000 women and girls to hit the trails and start a movement!

See You in the Outdoors,
~Mountain Mom


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