Monday, June 27, 2016

What to Pack on a Seven Week Road Trip - Part 2

Today is the day - June 27, 2016! We take off on Stage 2 of our National Park to Park Highway Tour as soon as the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle has all our bags and supplies safely strapped inside.

Anyone who has moved or packed for a long road trip knows how many times you ask yourself "Do we have everything?" That's been my mantra over the last few days as I've made lists, washed clothes, found gear and put everything in its place. I talked about what clothes we'll have on the trip in a previous post, but now it's time to talk about the gear we'll bring. Here are a few of our essentials.


The plan is to sleep inside the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle. We've converted the back of our truck into a storage/sleeping haven with a Decked Truck Bed Organizer to hold all of our gear and a Sam T Evans truck cap for protection.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Ultimate Adventure Vehicle on the National Park to Park Highway

We are so pumped to take off on Stage 2 of our National Park to Park Highway Tour in just a few days! Today I'm giving you a tour of the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle we've created thanks to some help from some of our sponsors. But before we get to that it's time for a history lesson.

On the 1920 inaugural tour of the National Park to Park Highway, not all of the vehicles were thin wheeled automobiles. One vehicle stood out from the others as bigger and stronger, yet understated.

The White Truck.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Best Waterside Campgrounds in North America

My tots aren't as excited about hiking and biking as I am, so when we go camping we make sure to spend some time at the campsite just hanging out. While s'mores and ghost stories are great for nighttime entertainment, the one thing we love to do during the day is play in water.

That's where choosing the best campsite is key. Whenever we go camping (or hiking) we try to find a river, lake or stream to entertain the kids. It's great to play in, can cool off a hot day, and is a source for drinking water when filtered. It's even better when that water is right by your campsite!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Baby Safety On and Off the Campsite

Camping with a baby is tough. When they're little lumps who sit happily on a picnic blanket it's easy. Now that Baby L has opinions on where she sits, what she eats, what she plays with, who picks her up, and everything else it's hard.

She's at an awkward stage. At 15 months old, but not quite walking, she is literally in the dirt on every camping trip. What's more, she's a great climber and crawler which means I have to constantly make sure she hasn't gotten into the fire pit. Babies in the outdoors take work and some extra gear. That gear can make a huge difference.

Portable Highchair
The coolest new baby gear item we've tried is the Kidco DinePod. This highchair folds up like a regular camping chair so it's easy to travel with. When set up, the legs are as sturdy as any restaurant highchair with a buckle for baby. Baby L can eat at any campsite we visit without sitting on my lap and sharing her food with my clothes. 

Holding a wiggly almost-toddler while they grab at your plate requires patiently wrestling, readjusting and moving things out of reach. I hate it. It's so much better to have a KidCo DinePod so both Baby L and I can enjoy meal time. My one complaint is that the push button to fold up the seat gets stuck easily. I've had to wrestle the chair closed a few times. It wasn't pretty.