Friday, September 23, 2016

Ten Things to Do With Kids at Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is big. A million acres of wilderness on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington means there's a lot to see and do. However there are no roads bisecting the park, meaning to get from one area to another requires driving. We are already used to driving on this National Park to Park Highway tour, but even so, it was surprising how far apart the different areas in Olympic are.

Don't expect to see Olympic National Park in one day. Because of the diverse ecosystems within Olympic the different areas almost feel like completely different parks. 

Plan your trip based on location first. Here were our favorite places to visit in Olympic.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Olympic National Park Photo Journal

The Pacific Northwest feels like another planet to me. Coming from Utah's mountain and desert terrain, the lush green rain forest and ocean scenery feels exotic and exciting. While exploring the World Heritage Site that is Olympic National Park, I felt awed by the diversity of life in this beautiful national park.
These trees are amazing.
Olympic National Park wasn't on the 1920s National Park to Park Highway, but I'm sure glad we included it on our tour. Here are some of our favorite photos from Olympic National Park.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Electronic Devices on the National Park to Park Highway

There's a grand debate over how much electronic time kids should have, both on the internet and here in our home. Our rule is that tablets, computers and games on Mom and Dad's phones don't work in the National Parks.

When Big E was smaller and didn't understand how parental controls worked, it was easy to just turn off the the screen and claim the electronics really didn't work while we drove through beautiful places. Now he's figured us out, so instead it's just a family rule.

But what about those monotonous times in between national park destinations? We're on a 6,000 mile National Park to Park Highway road trip after all. In those times, I don't mind if my kids play video games, in fact I encourage it. If they are entertained, and possibly learning something they won't be fighting with each other or asking me to entertain them. Also, I've been working on my computer throughout the trip and it'd be hypocritical of me to say I get to use electronics while my kids can't.

Friday, September 16, 2016

What To Do with Kids at Crater Lake National Park

Our trip to Crater Lake National Park was spectacular. Those views! That water! Some scientists believe Crater Lake is the largest, clearest, cleanest body of water on earth. We already know it's the deepest in the US at over 1,900 feet deep. Oregon's only national park sure is a good one, but what can you do there with kids?

Hike - The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) crosses into Crater Lake National Park and many through hikers camp at Mazama campground at the park's entrance. When we were there a wildfire closed part of the PCT so many hikers were forced to change plans. I wouldn't attempt the massive 2,650 mile scenic backpacking trail with my three tots, but I would try the six mile alternate hike with views of Crater Lake.