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Mountain Mom: I love the outdoors, especially the Alpine mountain settings in Utah.  My favorite activities include snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking and camping. My favorite thing to do indoors is read.

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Mountain Dad: He’s the one who started all this outdoors stuff, thanks to dragging Mountain Mom on camp outs and hikes when they were dating and first married. His favorite activities include hiking, camping, kayaking and white water rafting. He also thinks up great inventions.

Big E: The oldest and only boy, Big E sets the pace when it comes to exploring the outdoors. Whether it’s skiing, hiking or camping he rocks it! If only elementary school didn’t get in the way.

Little G: She’s an opinionated preschooler who loves wearing dresses, putting on makeup and having sparkly shoes. Luckily she also loves playing in the outdoors. For her fourth birthday she asked for a “Camp out Party” and we were all for it!

Baby L: Our littlest tot loves to do anything we do, as long as it’s not during nap time. She’s not sure what to think about all this outdoors stuff yet, but she’s already been camping, hiking and biking and we all survived.

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In the 2013-2014 season I got to ride with some awesome athletes as part of Team Utah Snowboarding. The highlights for me were meeting the amazing athletes on the Team Utah adaptive team, riding with Olympians Graham Watanabe and Jarryd Hughes, participating in my first ever banked slalom race.


In 2013 my family and I enjoyed working with this southern Utah resort near Zion National Park. We first came to visit as part of a larger family reunion but then returned for a couples fall getaway. Mountain Dad can thank Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort for his current love of UTVs.
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