Emergency First Aid for Outdoor Winter Activities

If you’re out exploring with your family in snowy conditions, it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. I’m happy to have guest writer Avery Phillips share these important tips for Emergency First Aid for Outdoor Winter Activities. Enjoy!

Emergency First Aid for Outdoor Winter Activities

There’s no such thing as being too cautious when participating in cold-season activities. Nature is unforgiving, especially during the winter months. Emergencies will happen, and adventurers should be familiar with a few basic travel supplies. First aid kits should be packed accordingly, and safety measures must be taken when camping, hunting or spending any amount of extended time in cold, snowy weather. Continue reading “Emergency First Aid for Outdoor Winter Activities”

Online Family Ski School Ski with Kids Challenge

Teaching kids to ski can be challenging, but it can also be SOOOO rewarding. That’s why this month’s Online Family Ski School challenge is all about Skiing with Kids.

When Big E was just three years old I tried to teach him to ski myself. I didn’t really know what the heck I was doing, but I figured “It’s sliding down snow. I know how to snowboard. It’ll be fine.”

Boy was I wrong. That first attempt ended in tears and frustration for both of us.

Fast forward five seasons, tons of research, lessons from professionals and about a million laps on the bunny hill with my three tots. Now I happily hit the slopes with Big E, Little G and Baby L all in tow.

Dress kids for winter -Big E skiing

Why? Because we LOVE skiing. We’re a ski family. We live at a ski resort for heavens sake! Continue reading “Online Family Ski School Ski with Kids Challenge”

Five Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Winter

Winter is my FAVORITE season, but it wasn’t always. When I first moved to Utah, winter meant crazy driving conditions, shoveling snow and cold. So what changed my attitude toward winter? Finding a snow sport I love – SNOWBOARDING!

I want you to find the outdoor joy of winter too. That’s why I asked guest blogger Devin Morrissey, to discuss five fun outdoor activities that YOU can try this winter. These five activities are great for both kids and adults and beginner or expert outdoor families. Enjoy!

Five Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

Continue reading “Five Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Winter”

40+ Gift Ideas for Family Hiking, Biking, Camping and Skiing + GIVEAWAY

Happy Holidays! If you love giving (and getting) outdoor gear gifts for the holidays you are in the right place! I’ve listed 40 awesome gift ideas here for family hiking, biking, camping and skiing. There’s something for every budget and every activity, PLUS you’ll have a chance to WIN some awesome gear for the outdoor lovers on your list. Just scroll down!

Gift ideas for family hiking, biking, skiing and camping
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