Camp Cooking for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know

When I’m camping I’m outdoors, I’m active and I’m hungry. Food is the best part of camping, but camp cooking can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. In this camp cooking for beginners post I’ll share different ways to prepare food outdoors as well as five tips for planning what food to bring camping. When you’re done you’ll be ready for your own outdoor feast!Camp Cooking for Beginners Continue reading “Camp Cooking for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know”

Outdoor Mom Academy – How to Be an Outdoor Mom

I’m proud to call myself an outdoor mom, so much so that earlier this year I launched the Outdoor Mom Academy with two awesome outdoor family bloggers – Amelia at and Rebecca at We put together this six week course for outdoor beginners because we want to help more families explore outdoors.Outdoor Mom Academy Session 2 Continue reading “Outdoor Mom Academy – How to Be an Outdoor Mom”

Just BE in the Outdoors – August Outdoor Challenge

I like to just BE in the outdoors. Yesterday I sat on my deck and listened to the rain patter through the trees. The air smelled clean, with a whiff of dark mustiness. The tempo of the raindrops varied. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine all the trees around me talking to each other.

It felt relaxing – just what I needed after my kids’ poking, jumping, exuberant craziness. For about five minutes, I breathed it all in. Then fearing that my kids had destroyed the house or each other, I tried to go back in. Only I couldn’t.

My children locked me out of the house. Continue reading “Just BE in the Outdoors – August Outdoor Challenge”