Camp Cooking Challenge: 30 Outdoor Meals in 30 Days

Camp cooking is one of the biggest struggles beginner campers have to work through. What can I make that my family will eat? How do I cook without my stove top and oven?

Camp cooking takes a little bit of preparation and planning, but once you have the right tools and skills, camp cooking can be the best part of exploring outdoors as a family!

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Camp Cooking for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know

When I’m camping I’m outdoors, I’m active and I’m hungry. Food is the best part of camping, but camp cooking can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. In this camp cooking for beginners post I’ll share different ways to prepare food outdoors as well as five tips for planning what food to bring camping. When you’re done you’ll be ready for your own outdoor feast!Camp Cooking for Beginners Continue reading “Camp Cooking for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know”

“I Love Lucy” Style Dutch Oven Recipe

This “I Love Lucy” Dutch Oven Recipe was sent over by a friend of mine – Stefanie Cosman from Since June is Great Outdoors Month I wanted to share this story from a NON outdoorsy gal. See, even people who enjoy the indoors can benefit from outdoor time!

Enjoy this guest post from Stefanie Cosman from! And if you’re looking for more camping food posts click here.

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Solar Cooking with Go Sun Stove Camp Cook Week Day 7

Welcome to Camp Cooking Week! We’ve been cooking outdoors all week long check out our other posts for outdoor cooking tips and tricks.

Solar Cooking with Go Sun Stove – Camp Cook Week Day 7

I saved this post for the final installment of Camp Cook Week because it was the most fun.

One of the coolest new products I saw at this summers Outdoor Retailer conference was this ingenious solar cooker – the Go Sun Sport. Its evacuated borosilicate glass tube allows for the sun to heat the inside of the tube up to a temperature of 600 degrees (less when food’s inside) while keeping the outside cook to the touch. Seriously, I touched the glass by accident and was so surprised at its cool temp I let out a “Wow!” without even meaning to. And it’s surprisingly lightweight – only 3.5 lbs.

A few summers ago I attempted making my own solar cooker in a fit of eco-consciousness. The tinfoil lined cardboard reflector quickly fell apart and the constant repositioning made my DIY solar cooker less than ideal. The Go Sun Stove works so much better. It was fun to experiment with different foods and flavors. The foods tasted great, just like if I had cooked them in my kitchen and the Go Sun Sport was easy to use. I loved it.

Like with anything you haven’t tried before, solar cooking requires some learning and practice. But not much. Point the reflectors of the Go Sun Sport toward the sun, put food in the tube and wait. Because cooking time depends on multiple factors like time of day and cloudiness, I set a 20 minute timer to remind myself to check the food. Since there’s no fuel or flame involved I kinda forgot about it and was surprised when none of the foods I tried burned (meat, veggies, potatoes, banana bread – not all at the same time).

Food thermometer reads 150 degrees F
Of course a solar oven can only really work when the sun is out. That provides some limitations, like having to plan ahead to have dinner ready, or not being able to cook in the rain. I tried it on a partially cloudy and windy day and was still impressed with the results. Also the evacuated glass tube was an amazing insulator. My meatballs finished cooking at two in the afternoon, I left them in the glass tube on my kitchen table until dinner at six and they were still so hot when we got them out little g had to blow on them before putting them in her mouth.

I wish it were bigger. It says the tray can handle up to 3 lbs of food. I found that was the equivalent of one loaf of banana bread, three large red potatoes, or 1 lb of ground beef. For 1-2 people that would be enough, but I’m used to making more for my family of five. Go Sun is working on a larger option called the Go Sun Grill but it won’t be available until 2016.

I also wish it were easier to clean. I spilled some meat juice inside the glass tube that was hard to completely clean out. The Go Sun Sport came with a scrubber that attaches to the end of the cooking tray, but it was hard to see to the end of the tube without a flashlight. 

The Go Sun Sport costs $279.00. Not cheap for a stove that can’t cook whenever you want, but when you include the environmental cost of dirty fuel sources it’s not as bad. 

  • Lightweight – only 3.5 lbs.
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Fuel free
  • Can bake – which is difficult for many outdoor cooking options.
  • Fun to use
  • Well designed
  • Limited cooking space – up to 3 lbs.
  • Can’t cook at night or without sun
  • Price
  • Can be hard to clean (don’t spill)
Overall the Go Sun Sport is an impressive outdoor cooking option. It’s lightweight, easy to use and completely fuel free. Plus it’s really fun.

Thanks for enjoying this week of camp cooking with me! Let me know what tasty camp cooking you try!

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