Five Family Winter Hiking Adventure Tips

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”– Amelia Earhart

Winter hiking with kids can be a grand adventure – throwing snowballs, feeling fresh cold air in your lungs, seeing the world transformed under a blanket of snow. Winter hiking can also be awful if you’re not properly prepared. These five tips will help you plan and execute your next successful family winter hiking adventure.

Five family winter hiking tips

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Five Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Winter

Winter is my FAVORITE season, but it wasn’t always. When I first moved to Utah, winter meant crazy driving conditions, shoveling snow and cold. So what changed my attitude toward winter? Finding a snow sport I love – SNOWBOARDING!

I want you to find the outdoor joy of winter too. That’s why I asked guest blogger Devin Morrissey, to discuss five fun outdoor activities that YOU can try this winter. These five activities are great for both kids and adults and beginner or expert outdoor families. Enjoy!

Five Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

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The 10k Women Trail Project – Let’s Hit the Trails Ladies

Big news this month Mountain Mom and Tots readers! I was selected as a TrailBlazer for the 10k Women Trail Project, a year long initiative coordinated by the non-profit Hike it Baby and funded by a grant from REI’s Force of Nature effort.

I’m so excited to be part of this program, because I firmly believe everybody needs a friend or mentor to help them get outdoors. I know the 10k Women Trail Project will be helpful for a lot of you readers, so I thought I’d answer some questions about it so you can join in the hiking party!

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40+ Gift Ideas for Family Hiking, Biking, Camping and Skiing + GIVEAWAY

Happy Holidays! If you love giving (and getting) outdoor gear gifts for the holidays you are in the right place! I’ve listed 40 awesome gift ideas here for family hiking, biking, camping and skiing. There’s something for every budget and every activity, PLUS you’ll have a chance to WIN some awesome gear for the outdoor lovers on your list. Just scroll down!

Gift ideas for family hiking, biking, skiing and camping
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